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Jennifer Zhou
Nov 16, 2021
In Special Stories
Pastor Hsu once prayed for me when I was a broken creature in college. I am healed and whole, but my heart is still broken - who can I pray for now and pass along this blessing? If the vision of HIC had never come about through Pastor Hsu's faithfulness to the Lord, I would never have known how personal Jesus truly is and how deeply He cares about our individual lives. I would never have built a community of dear friends who all pursue the Lord and encourage each other in the Spirit, and I would never have married my best friend and partner for life. Pastor Hsu leaves a hole in the spiritual universe - his loss reminds me that whatever ministry we have done in the past and whatever bumps and snags have come with them, we must be faithful with our gifts and all the teaching that has been poured into us until now. Because of my HIC family, my family gets to stand on the shoulders of giants. Pastor Hsu, thank you for sharing your life with us and inspiring us to open our hearts and home to do the Lord's work.
Jennifer Zhou

Jennifer Zhou

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