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Alessandro Falcao
Nov 11, 2021
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Few weeks ago while reading I came across a saying: “ask a young man about life’s dreams future and accomplishments and you will get a long winded answer intertwined with many words. ask someone in their 40s and the answer becomes smaller and simpler. Ask someone in their 70s the same question and it becomes clear and simplified.” Papa Fred’s simplified concise word was LOVE. It all came back to love. The last messages I remember were filled with wisdom on loving God, loving his wife well, loving his children, and loving his family.. Our Family. It would challenge me on defining love and displaying it. My fondest memories are the family sit downs and meals. I’m a people watcher so I would watch him enjoy everyone, laugh, encourage, embrace and LOVE on us well. He challenged me on my concept of family and the global body of Christ. He would see the error of my ways and direct me many times. I can with confidence say Papa Fred loved well. This one song comes to mind below: “When it’s all been said, when it’s all been done When the race is run, well it all comes down to love. Did you learn to love? That’s what You will ask of me. Did you learn to love? Not about my ministry Did you learn to love? Not about my money Did you learn to love? Did you learn to love? Missing you Papa Fred
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Alessandro Falcao

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