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Nov 13, 2021
In Special Stories
幾天了, 還是很難過他的離開... 許爸比任何人都渴望, 教會可以成為真實的「家」, 或許沒有完美的教會, 但許爸真的活出一個父親的生命, 他更愛我們喊他爸、而非牧師。 還來不及, 幫你辦書法展, 聽你講更多家的故事, 但對於天家的渴望, 沒有一刻比現在更真實。 Papa Fred's life reflected a wonderful picture of how our Father might be looked like on the earth. His genuine and unconditional love for people immediately touched my heart the very first time we met, at just one glance. His journey toward "home" despite all the struggles and challenges in life enlightened me to be closer to Father's heart. It's too hard to say good bye, but I know Papa Fred is in His hands peacefully and his home there is definitely much more beautiful than here. Papa Fred, your calligraphy exhibition hasn't been realized on the earth, yet, the hope returning to our heavenly home simply became vividly true at the moment. See you up there, Papa Fred. Claire Ho, Taiwan.
The journey toward “home” will go on.  content media


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