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Allen King
Nov 14, 2021
In Special Stories
認識許爸只有3年時間,卻沒想到他的生命這樣深沈地印記在我的生命裡。北美華人的父老中,他是我最喜愛的爸爸。他的笑容也印刻在我們心裏。每次聽到他的分享,都不得不感嘆:怎麼有這麼敢說真話的老牧師!每次在家聚會,我都想方設法坐到他旁邊,偷看他寫的筆記。一天的聚會,他洋洋灑灑能寫上上百張紙。我心想這爸爸裡面一定充滿了寶藏。特別喜歡聽許爸說話,臺上或是臺下,他總能在生活的點點滴滴看見主,聽見主,把我們也帶到主面前。 終於到了說再見的時候。棺木緩緩下落的時候眼淚突然決堤。為他是高興的,因他去了更好的地方,與他最愛的主團聚了。為自己卻忍不住難過了,一時半會見不到這個最像小孩子的白頭發老爺爺了。真的好想念他呀!不過許爸這一顆種子都已種在我們這些孩子的心裡了。或許現在人們在你我生命中,都開始能看到許爸的影子吧。他並沒有逝去,而是傳承了他自己。 親愛的許爸,主沒有讓你失望,你也沒有讓主失望。你沒有讓我們這些做兒女的失望,我們,也不會讓你失望的。 「逝者已矣,來者可追。」 寫於許爸落葬的日子 11/13/2021 I’ve only known Papa Fred for 3 years. But his life has deeply impacted mine more than anyone. Among all the North American fathers and mothers, he is my favorite papa. His smile has now imprinted on our hearts. Listening to his sharing every time, I am truly amazed at how honest and real he is. When we have gatherings at home, I would always find my way to sit beside him, so that I can watch him writing his notes. He could write on and on and by the end of the day there would be a hundred paper full of words. I thought to myself, this papa must have so much treasure on the inside. I love to listen to Papa Fred talking, on or off stage. He always sees and hears the Lord in those little tiny things in everyday life. And he brings us before the Lord too. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Tears flooded my eyes when they started lowering the casket. For him, I am happy, since he has gone to a better place now reunited with the One he loves most. For myself, I can’t help but feel sad. Guess I won’t see this most childlike whitehead papa for a while. I really miss you, papa. But this seed has now been sowed into all of us, the next generation. Perhaps from now on, they will start to see Papa Fred in you and me. He didn’t pass away. He passed it on. He passed on himself. A part of papa Fred lives on through us. Dear papa, the Lord has never disappointed you. And you have never disappointed Him. You have never let us down - your sons and daughters. And we will not let you down. “The past have passed, the future can be chased.” Written on the day of Papa Fred’s burial. 11/13/2021

Allen King

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