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Nov 10, 2021
In Special Stories
My friendship with Papa Fred in 2018 when we met in Oroville California. My first impression was of a man stern and very focused on Kingdom buisness. As we got to know one another I realized what a genuine and humble servant of the Lord he really is. It was my 50th birthday when I met Papa Fred, at that time I was honored by Grand Cheif Linda Prince with a Welcome Home ceremony due to the fact that I was adopted and not raised in my First Nations culture. During the ceremony Papa Fred gifted me with a fish necklace, the symbolism and message of this gift continues ministering to me. Father God YHWH saw it fit to have me welcomed back to the family of First Nations as well as introducing me to the extended family of Chinese,for this portion YHWH chose his top man Papa Fred. I consider this introduction as one of my greatest jubilee birthday gifts streight from the throne of our loving Heavenly Father. Eventhough our time was short I felt like I had know Papa Fred all my life,I know this to be a DNA memory established centuries ago. Among many things I learned from Papa Fred one is how to make the shift from being "tribal minded" to being Kingdom minded. I learned that much like our immediate families of brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles, cousins or in any of our relationships,all have different traits gifts and personalities. This is a picture of God's family in mankind with all the different races and cultures of planet earth. Kingdom minded. Papa Fred called everyone family and showed us the way of Homecoming. I have learned many things from Papa Fred that I don't have the space to expand on,but I would just like to mention the revelation of "Critical Mass"as being one. A very fond memory I have is in the times of observing Papa Fred in worship, I couldn't certainly see him behind the veil and it was more than evident he knew what it is to abide in Christ. From my family it is with great sorrow and joy that we bid farewell, until we meet again in the not so distant future. Well Done. Our Heart felt condolences to Molica, Kylie and Kevin along with your extended family and all the hearts and lives God used Papa Fred to touched. Turn to us oh Lord according to the multitude of your tender mercies. Brian &Judy LaBounty and family. Algonquin First Nations, Saranac N.Y


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