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Feb 18, 2022
In Special Stories
A tree is known by its fruit, and actions speak louder than words. It occurs to me as I remember Fred that I can't say I really knew him well, at least personally. But I do know one thing about him - Pastor Fred didn't just talk about the Christian life, he lived it, 24/7. He walked the walk like few other people I have ever known. And this aspect of who he was (and still is, of course) is perhaps the only thing of enduring significance and value, in terms of an earthy life, well spent and now completed. Although he lived in the fullness of the Holy Spirit (as evidenced by his boundless joy) at the same time he never ceased seeking a deeper knowledge of, and closer relationship with the Father, and helping others do the same. That, it seems to me, is the jewel in the crown of his ministry, and I have no doubt that he is now wearing that crown and just beginning to reap the rewards of what on earth he so abundantly and unselfishly sowed in service to the Kingdom of God.


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