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Nov 09, 2021
In Special Stories
One Sunday morning, Papa Fred shared a sermon at my church. He shared about his email address that reminded him God loves him very much. He shared about his very real struggles in life. His message that Sunday morning marked me for the rest of my life, I will never forget it. Travelling to different countries with Papa Fred over the years, I was constantly blown away by two things. The first thing was his humility, he was always so humble. He walked with the authority of a grandpa, but he had the approachability of a little child. He always made me want to be more humble. The second thing that blew me away about Papa Fred was his note-taking skills. I would often ask pastors for their notes after meetings, but they would all tell me to go find Papa Fred and get his notes, because he takes the best notes. And it's true. I can picture Jesus reading through and admiring Papa Freds notes in heaven right now. God loves Papa Fred. And he loves his family too. Much love and blessings, and my. heartfelt condolences. -Jesse Ongkili


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