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Servejoy Joy
Nov 14, 2021
In Special Stories
We can describe Papa Fred with many things. Borrow the comment Jesus said about Nathaniel, I'd say about Papa Fred "Behold, a Son of Heaven indeed, in whom there is no deceit!". To me the most prominent character of Papa Fred is his genuine and earnest desire for the true and living faith. He has a child like heart, the kind of heart that belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to. His own testimony said he was a stern person. But ever since I met him, I only knew a gentle, kind and humble Papa Fred. He loves flowers, loves children, loves writing, little things of life touches him. How could such a person be stern? It dawned on me, the world tried to put him in a straitjacket of sternness, but the Holy Spirit restored his true nature after his Heavenly Father. Ironically, Papa Fred is not a so charismatic Charismatic leader. How could his influence be so wide? It came from his heart and life. I believe that is the norm of Kingdom DNA. In this last days, the Lord is seeking and raising up true lovers of Jesus, true sons of Heaven, true heart of fathers in not so charismatic you and me. You are not far from us at all Papa Fred. Heaven and Earth are pressing so close now. We'll see you soon. Until then, let's praise the Lord with an echo, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Love, Stephanie of Philadelphia
Servejoy Joy

Servejoy Joy

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